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Table maintenance

Maintain your table well with our maintenance kits. By putting your table in the oil now and then, you will enjoy it for years to come! Lees meer

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Table maintenance

Maintenance products for maintaining your wooden table.


If you want to use your table for a long time, it is important to maintain it well. The Sav & Øk collection contains oiled, lacquered and FENIX tables, each type needs its own maintenance.


Lacquered wooden tables

if you have a lacquered wooden table, it will require little maintenance. Deep scratches, however, are less easy to fix yourself.

You can use the WOCA intensive cleaner to clean a lacquered table. Then you give your table an extra protective layer with the WOCA Master Care and you can camouflage small scratches.

Maintenance steps of the painted table

1.Clean with WOCA intensive cleaner

Protect and camouflage scratches with WOCA Master Care


Oiled wooden tables

You can clean an oiled table with the WOCA natural soap . The soap removes dirt and gives the table a protective wear layer.

We recommend that an oiled wooden table be refreshed twice a year with the maintenance oil . The maintenance oil has a lower viscosity (viscosity) and therefore you apply a thin new layer of oil, instead of a new thick layer. With the maintenance oil you counteract the loss of oil through wear, as it were, by replenishing the oil layer in the wood. Read Maintenance advice wooden tables for the instructions for use of maintenance oil.

If you want to give an oiled table a major overhaul, first give it a thorough cleaning with the WOCA intensive cleaner . After this you can give the table a new oil layer with a Sav & Okse oil set or the WOCA Oil conditioner. After the new oil layer, you can treat the table with the WOCA maintenance gel , which gives the table a water-repellent layer.

Steps great turn oiled table

1.Clean with WOCA intensive cleaner

2.New oil layer with Sav & Okse oil set or WOCA maintenance gel

3.Water-repellent layer with the WOCA maintenance gel


Fenix tables

A Fenix blade is easy to keep clean and small scratches are easy to repair with the included miracle sponge. Read here the fenix manual for maintaining and cleaning a Fenix table.


All maintenance products mentioned can be ordered through the webshop .

If you have any questions, you can contact us via [email protected]