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De Machinekamer for the business market

Are you looking for special furniture for a business interior project or are you looking for several furniture with a different size or colour?  De Machinekamer delivers vintage and new designer furniture for all kinds of companies. Among others, restaurants, museums, offices and shops. Having worked on both large and small projects, we can rightly call ourself experienced. For architects, stylists and interior designers we are an interesting place to visit.

Quality and customization 

The high quality of the new design furniture makes them ideal for intensive use. They can take a beating and stay good for years. New chairs and tables can be made in various colours and materials. Tables can also be customized to your desired size. From bar to conference table. We would like to show you all the possibilities.

Want to know more or an abligation free quotation? 

Would you like an extra-large lunch table or a large amount of (new) design chairs? We would like to help you find the right interior for your business. You are welcome to walk into our showroom in Zaandam six days a week and you can always call us to make an appointment. To do this, you can contact Rick Vroling via [email protected] or call +31 (0)757113930.

Quick and free delivery

De Machinekamer has many products in stock. Customized products or large orders can have a delivery time of several weeks. Do you need your furniture quick? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. De Machinekamer has free delivery throughout the Netherlands.   

Styling or photoshoot? 

It is possible to rent furniture for photoshoots. Read more about the rental possibilities here.


Listed below are references from business projects. You can find more projects done by De Machinekamer here.

De Buisert, Studio BE 4-poot and the Lizitte stoel in catering facility and flex office House of Watt.

Olger barstools (oak) at Sjefietshe Al Paso. Photos: Ingrid Hofstra & Koen Smilde

Galvanitas S16 in horeca gelegenheid

Restored Revolt chairs in a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Gerestaureerde Revolt stoelen

Vintage design chairs in an art gallery .

Zakelijke project De Machinekamer

Vintage project design in cafe/ restaurant/ bakery "Graancirkel" Drachten.

Zakelijke projectinrichting De Machinekamer

Design hospitality chairs in café / restaurant Bar Baarsch.

De Machinekamer zakelijk projectinrichting

Eames table and softpad office chair, Castelli chairs and wooden tables in an office in Amsterdam. 

De Machinekamer Zakelijk projectinrichting van een kantoor

Restored Friso Kramer revolt chairs in a catering facility. 

De Machinekamer vintage project inrichting restaurant

Restored vintage Danish furniture in a catering facility.

De Machinekamer zakelijk project inrichting

New wooden design tables in wholesale building Rottrerdam. 

De Machinekamer zakelijk projectinrichting kantoor

New Galvanitas S16 chairs during a furniture fair in Belgium. 

De Machinekamer zakelijke project referentie