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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Sav & Økse sofas

The Sav & Økse collection has recently been expanded with beautiful sofas with Scandinavian design. This sofa collection was created to make the Scandinavian interior value possible in Dutch living and sitting rooms.

The collection of Scandinavian design sofas is designed from a practical, down-to-earth point of view. In accordance with the Scandinavian design philosophy, functionality determines form. We understand the combination of design, comfort and simplicity. The sofas have fabric upholstery, round shapes, stand on slender legs and have tight stitching seams. The design omits the unnecessary as much as possible and natural materials such as wood and wool are used.

The banks have functionality as a core value. The simple yet complete design and use of materials is what Scandinavian design stands for. The Sav & Økse sofas are made by craftsmen. The collection consists of a number of unique designs and are available in different configurations, sizes and fabrics. Armchairs and ottomans are also possible. You can try it out in our showrooms in Zaandam and Utrecht !