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Wim Rietveld

Wim Rietveld - Designer Wim Rietveld. Designed seats for Gispen, among others. De Machinekamer has vintage chairs and armchairs from Wim Rietveld. View the collection online.

Wim Rietveld


Designer at Gispen and son of Gerrit Rietveld. 

Wim Rietveld is the youngest son of the famous and pioneering architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld. Wim Rietveld started his career in the early 1950s when Willen Hendrik Gispen left the factory in 1949. He introduced the 'furniture for the simple interior'. Wim Rietveld collaborated a lot with Andre Cordemeyer during this period in the Design Agency N.V. Gispen. Later Wim Rietveld signed for Ahrend the Result school chair.


Wim Rietveld chairs at De Machinekamer 

De Machinekamer often has chairs, armchairs and other furniture from Wim Rietveld in its collection. View the current range online.