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Cees Braakman

A brief history of Cess Braakman. Known for, among others, Pastoe. De Machinekamer has a collection vintage furniture of Cees Braakman. Lees meer

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Cees Braakman

Cees Braakman


Cees Braakman at Pastoe

Cees Braakman starts his career with the furniture manufacturer UMS Pastoe. After the Second World War, Braakman is sent to the US to study production processes. Here he is inspired by the curved multiplex techniques of Eames by Herman Miller. He introduces this technique in the Netherlands. Because of Braakman, the 50s and 60s are successful for Pastoe.


Cees Braakman at De Machinekamer 

Cees Braakman at De Machinekamer 

De Machinekamer regularly has vintage furniture from Cees Braakman. View the current range here.