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Over the years, the Machinekamer has focused on reissuing old designs and designing new furniture. We see the rich history of design classics as inspiration for the future. The engine for progress. We want to make more of design. We revive old classics and we want to design new classics. With respect for old design principles, we (re) develop new design furniture that fits into today's trends and customer needs. See below our own brands and the brands that De Machinekamer has exclusively re-released.

Galvanitas Compass Collection

De Machinekamer reissues the industrial school chair from the 50s / 60s, the Galvanitas S16. Made with the original moulds and in the colours of today. The Galvanitas Compass Collection has grown with more original Galvanitas furniture, which is being reissued exclusively by De Machinekamer. There is the TD4 table, with the same characteristic calliper leg as the S16 chair. Besides that, there are variants of the S16 with upholstered seat and back, with armrests, and the chair is available as a stackable version. The brothers of the S16, S19 and S21 have also been reissued and the DF28 armchair is available in contemporary colours. View the entire Galvanitas Compass Collection here. Or visit the brand site www.galvanitascollection.com.











De Machinekamer has revived the Belgian steel furniture brand Tubax in 2012. We succeeded in reproducing the most famous Tubax armchair, the Vilvoure, entirely in accordance with the original design from the 1930s, with the characteristic curves and wooden armrests. A new start was made! More models followed after the re-introduction of this Belgian classic. As a starting point, construction, seating comfort and the materials used had to correspond to the earlier series in order to maintain authenticity. The furniture is still produced in the same way as decades ago. This means that every chair is handcraft from start to finish: from bending and welding the frame to covering the chairs. The Tubax collection is exclusively for sale at De Machinekamer. View the collection here or take a look at the www.tubax.nl brand site.










Sav & Økse is the collection of Scandinavian wooden tables that are designed by De Machinekamer self. The collection emerged from the demand for slender affordable solid wood tables. Tables with a fresh, pure appearance and with a clear Scandinavian origin. The collection of tables has expanded to include dining room benches, coffee tables and stools. View the Sav & Økse collection here or visit the www.sav-okse.nl brand site










Qualitative and indestructible tubular frame furniture. This is what Dykmeyer is all about. The Dykmeyer furniture is inspired by the Avant-Garde furniture from the 1930s. The Dykmeyer collection is exclusively available at De Machinekamer and includes the well-known tubular dining room chair De Purmer, and the armchairs De Zwaan and De Dikkert, as well as the Jops stools series. A bar chair, work chair and stool with the characteristic Dutch design and solidity. View the entire collection here.










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