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Giancarlo Piretti

Ontwerper Giancarlo Piretti. Bekend van de DSC Axis 106 en Plia klapstoel. De Machinekamer heeft o.a. vintage stoelen van Piretti. Lees meer

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Giancarlo Piretti

Giancarlo Piretti


Designer of the stacking chair DSC Axis 106 and the Plia folding chair

Up to 1972, Giancarlo Piretti was the chief designer and head of the development department at Anonima Castelli. In 1969 Giancarlo Piretti designed the highly successful 'Plia' folding chair. Another well-known Piretti design is the DSC Axis 106 stacking chair.


Piretti at De Machinekamer

De Machinekamer regularly has furniture from the designer in its assortment, keep an eye on the site to see the collection or visit the store.