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Friso Kramer

Designer Friso Kramer is known from the Revolt chair. The Machinekamer has, among others, vintage chairs and stools from Friso Kramer. View the collection online. Lees meer

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Friso Kramer

Friso Kramer


Designer of the Revolt Chair 

Friso Kramer is one of the first generations of industrial designers in the Netherlands. Friso Kramer worked for Ahrend, Auping and Wilkhahn. Kramer's best-known design is the Revolt chair from 1953. The Revolt chair was very innovative in several ways in 1953. The chair, for example, did not consist of a frame made of round tubing as was customary at the time, but a frame made of die-cut U-profile.


Friso Kramer at De Machinekamer 

The Machinekamer has, among other things, chairs and stools from Friso Kramer in its range. View the current collection online.