WOCA soap natural in spray bottle 750ml - De Machinekamer
WOCA Natural Soap in Spray Bottle - 750ml

Woca Maintenance

WOCA Natural Soap in spray bottle is ideal for cleaning and maintaining oiled and soap-treated surfaces. The soap is of a special quality, which, thanks to its nourishing properties, closes the pores in the wood, protects the wood against dirt and the penetration of liquids. "Natural" is used for natural and colored oiled surfaces. This ready-to-use spray makes the maintenance of furniture, table tops, doors, panels, stairs, floors very easy.


Natural Soap removes the dirt from the wood at the same time provides the surface with a protective wear layer. That is why Natural Soap is both cleansing and caring.


Shake bottle vigorously before use. Spray the soap on the surface and let it soak for a while. Wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth, do not use microfibre. Let the surface dry.


Not necessary.

Cleaning and maintenance

With every cleaning, the old soap layer is removed at the same time as the dirt and replaced with a new, protective soap layer.

  • For cleaning and maintenance of all wood
  • Suitable for children's toys
  • Residential biologically recommended

Packaging: 750 ml
Consumption: not measurable
Available in: natural

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  • WOCA Natural Soap in Spray Bottle - 750ml

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