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A large collection of new & used armchairs. Vintage from the 30s and 70s by, among others, Eames and Gispen. Tubular frame and Scandinavian Design armchairs and chairs. Lees meer

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Vintage and new designer armchairs


Elegant armchairs

A wide range of new and vintage armchairs can be found at De Machinekamer. For 10 years De Machinekamer has been the place to be for special vintage design chairs from the 30s-70s. Lounge chairs by famous designers such as Eames and Gispen. But also the address for new tubular steel armchairs from Dykmeyer Tubax. De Machinekamer also has special Scandinavian and industrial armchairs.


The armchair which completes your living room

Choose a Scandinavian armchairs or the popular tubular steel armchairs. Each of them eye-catchers that will complete your living room. Do you find it difficult to choose? Visit our shop and check out the armchairs in person.

We have regular supply of new vintage armchairs. Keep your eye on our website to be the first to see the new armchairs.