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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Sav & Okse

The origin of Sav & Økse

Sav & Økse is part of De Machinekamer and originated from the demand for beautiful, affordable solid wood tables. After all, wooden tables are popular! Yes, but unfortunately we did not come across really nicely made tables with a Scandinavian look.



Solid wood tables with shape

We decided to design (and have made) the tables ourselves, which we thought were Engine Room-worthy. And so Sav & Økse was born.

Sav & Økse stands for affordable fresh pure designs with a clear Scandinavian origin. Slender tables with a natural and light appearance.


Danish luxury

Sav & Økse, that sounds good, doesn't it? The name fits perfectly with the Danish character of our collection. It also looks quite exclusive, but it actually just says saw and ax in Danish. Very appropriate, because with these two tools the production process of all our tables starts.

Sav & Økse tables are made of high-quality solid wood and are distinguished by the beautiful and refined finish. Eye-catching and made clear by a professional. Moreover, available in many sizes and various beautiful woods.



Sav & Økse =

Sav & Økse has its own brand site, where, just like on, all the tables are. Take a look at