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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.



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Bramin was founded in Denmark as NA Jørgensens Møbelfabrik. It was a factory where mainly wooden furniture was made. A major change takes place when the company comes into contact with the designer HW Klein. In addition to being a designer, this man is also an inventor and this combination allows him to devise new techniques for producing furniture.


His most important invention is the production method for forming foam tubs. This allows many complicated shapes to be produced cheaply. This method was frequently used in the 1960s and 1970s for swivel armchairs. HW Klein has a patent on this method and sells it to no fewer than 46 other furniture manufacturers, including Fritz Hansen. A well-known chair by Fritz Hansen that was made according to this method is the EGG chair.

Also wooden design furniture from Bramin

In addition to the production of “foam” armchairs, Bramin has also made many beautiful wooden furniture. In addition to the models by HW Klein, designs by Hans Olsen were also made.


De Machinekamer also has a collection of Bramin Armchairs, check the site for the current range or visit the store.