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Press release PET armchair (March 2019)

Zaandam, March 2019


From plastic bottle to design armchair

De Machinekamer introduces the PET armchair. A bucket seat made of recycled plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are processed into a soft felt tub with a classic shape. The tub is supported by a metal frame, and the soft coating makes this PET armchair a comfortable eye-catcher. A contemporary armchair, suitable for both private and commercial use.


Classic tub in a modern jacket

With its spacious classic tub, the PET armchair certainly stands out in any interior. Olger Blase, co-owner of De Machinekamer; ‘while designing the armchair, we got inspired by the mid-century modern design trend. This is noticeable in the round shapes of the tub and the fact that the tub is made out of one piece’. During the design process of the armchair, great attention was paid to seating comfort. It is a comfortable, spacious armchair, in which you are active and relaxed. The metal base with a four-legged base gives a contemporary and elegant twist to the chair.


The proces from plastic bottle to armchair

Going from a mountain of plastic bottles to an armchair of felt, how does that work? Firstly, the plastic bottles are shredded and ground. These fibres are then pressed into thin layers of flexible felt. After this, the felt is heated and pressed into a mould. After adding the frame and the upholstery, you have an armchair that fits well in the circular economy and is beautiful to see.



The PET armchair is available in various colours. The tub is available in light grey and dark grey. The metal base is made of steel and is powder-coated in the colours black, pearl gold or beige-red. the armchair is covered with two separate seating panels or with a spacious seat cushion. There is a wide range of materials and colours. This way, endless variations can be made


Applicable and washable

In a living room, office or hospitality facility, the PET armchair can find its place anywhere. Besides that, the PET armchair is suitable for intensive use. Strong but light materials were used for the armchair, which makes the armchair easy to move. Ideal if you want to change your interior often. Moreover, The PET armchair is very suitable for family households and catering establishments, because the felt tub is easy to maintain. Stains, for example, are easy to clean.


De Machinekamer

De Machinekamer is a furniture store with a large collection of vintage design classics and a growing collection unique new design furniture and reissues from Dutch design classics. Tubax and Sav&Økse ( are brands from De Machinekamer. Aside from that, De Machinekamer is the exclusive supplier of the re-production of the Galvanitas S16 ( The PET armchair is a design from De Machinekamer and can be purchased here exclusively.


More information

You can contact us for more information about the PET armchair. Different PET armchairs are displayed in our showroom in Zaandam (Stormhoek 39) which is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:30 o'clock. 

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You can contact De Machinekamer for moer information. 

Telephone: +31 (0) 75 – 711 3930

Mail: [email protected]

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Perss release Abstracta System (February 2019) 


De Machinekamer launches the ABSTRACTA SYSTEM in the Netherlands. 


De Machinekamer recently started selling the Abstracta cupboard system designed by Paul Cadovius in the Netherlands. “We are proud that we, as specialists in the field of timeless design and vintage design classics, can exclusively offer this beautiful. system in the Netherlands. The Scandinavian design fits perfectly with our collection and the possibilities are great duet o the modular structure.” says Olger Base, lover of design classics and co-owner of De Machinekamer.

This system makes it possible to easily assemble a cupboard or other furniture. The Abstracta system is also very suitable for shop interior. De Machinekamer supplies the original framework with contemporary shelves. “The Abstracta System allows you to assemble your own shelf. Not thirteen in a dozen, but a cupboard that matches your space, wishes and taste. If you start to get bored with it over time, then you can use the parts to make another cupboard or say a coffee table”, says Olger.


Abstracta System

Abstracta is a modular system which is an excellent fit in every interior due to its contemporary design. The system was invented by Danish architect Poul Cadovius in the ’60. The modular system was the first of its kind to make complex forms possible quickly and easily. Using separate components, numerous shapes and furniture can be made.

The system consists of two basic components; pipes and connectors. The advantage of this system is its simplicity and flexibility; large or small variant scan be assembled quickly. The system has a pure and elegant appearance.


Poul Cadovius

Poul Cadovius (1911 -2011) as one of the most colourful and successful people in the history of the Danish furniture industry. He was the designer of the well-known Royal System cabinets, the world’s first wall-mounted cabinet system. The floating, modular system Royal System has been designed in such a way that the storage space was not at the expense of the floor surface. This was revolutionary in the field of traditional cupboard systems. The Royal System won the gold medal at the Finnish furniture fair in 1950 and the silver medal at the XO Triennale di Milano in 1957. Today, the Royal System is still characteristic for modern design from the 1950s and 60s.

After the success Cadovius had with Royal Systems, he came up with the award-winning and world-famousAbstracta System. Abstracta System gained immediate worldwide recognition after the 1962 Cologne Furniture Fair, where four dome-shaped halls with the system were built.  

Abstracta System productspecificaties


The metal tubes (ø13 mm) are available in black, white and chrome. The shelves are available in metal, oak or walnut wood, glass and in four colours of Forbo Desktop.


De Machinekamer

De Machinekamer is a furniture store with a large collection of vintage design classics and a growing collection unique new design furniture and reissues from Dutch design classics. Tubax and Sav&Økse ( are brands from De Machinekamer. Aside from that, De Machinekamer is the exclusive supplier of the re-production of the Galvanitas S16. More about De Machinekamer.

( . More about De Machinekamer.


More information

You can visit for more information about the Abstracta System. Different setups of the Abstracta System are in our showroom in Zaandam. The showroom in Zaandam (Stormhoek 39) is opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00  to 17.30.

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You can contact De Machinekamer for more information.
Telephone: +31 (0) 75 – 711 3930
Mail: [email protected]

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abstracta system dressior


abstracta system dressior


Abstracta System balie


Abstracta System salontafel




Abstracta System wandkast/boekenkast/roomdivider


Abstracta system salontafels