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Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak
Gunni Table Extendable Oak

Technical documents

• Gunni Extendable Dimensions (PDF)

• Gunni 1x Extendable Manual (PDF)

• Gunni 2x Extendable Manual (PDF)


Solid wooden table with a sharp shape

The Gunni extendable is a wooden dining table made of solid wood. A sturdy table in the characteristic Scandinavian style. A dining table with sharp lines. This makes it a functional table with a clear shape. The tabletop is rejuvenated at the edges, without destroying the sharp lines of the design. The design is also not lost when the table is extended. The legs slide with it so that space is used optimally.


With the table legs firmly on the floor

A lot of attention has been paid in the design to the placement of the table legs. The table legs are placed close to the edge, so no seating space is lost. The placement angle of the legs divides the short and long sides of the table equally. The legs are aligned with the corners of the blade. The legs are slanted under the tabletop, which has a playful and light effect.


A Scandinavian wooden dining table 

The Gunni extendable is a typical dining table. It has the typical light, simple design of Scandinavian tables. Made from solid wood, it is a solid table. Designed with attention to ease of use, it does not let any space be lost. With its sharp design, it is slightly less round than the other tables from the Sav & Okse collection. A special table that works well in the Scandinavian style, but can also be combined with other styles. A table that is ready to be used for years, whether you want to sit with four or eight people.


A wooden table with an extendable tabletop

It is possible to order the Gunni with an extendable tabletop. An extendable tabletop gives 50 cm extra table space. It is possible to take a maximum of two extendable table tops with the Gunni. With this, you create 1-meter extra tabletop.


Versions Gunni Table

The Gunni table is available in various types of wood, finishes and dimensions


Wood species

The table is available in the following wood species:houtstalen



These finishes are possible:

• Whitewash (only possible with oak)

• Oiled (standard)

• Matt lacquered

The photos show the oiled version of the table.


For the maintenance of your oiled wooden table, we recommend that you refresh the table twice a year with maintenance oil. The maintenance kit can be purchased online.



The Gunni is available in many sizes. For the neat seating of chairs at the table, the intermediate dimensions of the legs must be taken into account. More information about the customized options with the Sav & Økse table collection


Gunni for the business market

The Gunni extendable table is suitable for private use, but certainly also for business use. If you want to order several Gunni extendable tables, please contact us. We will then make a quote for you without obligation.



• Solid wood

• Legs mounted against beams using corner plate

• Sheet reinforcement by milled sleepers

• Standing visible beams

• (exact construction may differ per size)



The table is delivered unassembled in two cardboard boxes. The table is easy to assemble. The manual is included.

  • Gunni Table Extendable Oak

    Sav & Okse
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