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Osvaldo Borsani

A brief history of Osvaldo Borsani. De Machinekamer frequently had chairs & armchairs of Osvaldo Borsani in the collection. Lees meer

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Osvaldo Borsani

A brief history of Osvaldo Borsani 


Osvaldo Borsani studied at the Politecnico di Milano. After Osvaldo had completed his education, he started his career in his father's artisan furniture workshop. He later transformed the company with his brother into Tecno.


Design from technical research

The most important motivation for designing is that design must be born from technical research. In 1955, Borsani designs his best-known furniture, the P40 lounge chair.


Osvaldo Borsani at De Machinekamer

De furniture from designer Osvaldo Borsani is available at De Machinekamer, view our current collection here.