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Hans Wegner

A brief history of the well-known Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. De Machinekamer has vintage Hans Wegner chairs, sofas and armchairs. Lees meer

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Toon als:

Hans Wegner

Hans J. Wegner


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Hans J. Wegner must be regarded as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Wegner has become a global icon, particularly known for his influence on Danish furniture design. Over the years, he has designed more than 500 chairs with many different types of wood and styles. The most famous Wegner chairs are the 'Peacock' and the 'Y-chair'.


Hans Wegner at De Machinekamer

De Machinekamer regularly has vintage furniture from Hans Wegner. Chairs and armchairs, sofas and sofa beds. View the current range online.