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Galvanitas Compass Collection

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De Machinekamer heeft een uniek aanbod van nieuwe en vintage design-meubelen.




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Galvanitas Compass Collection



New life for the Galvanitas S16 

Galvanitas is a traditional production company and has been a manufacturer of school, project and stadium furniture since 1934. A leading company that is at the forefront of developing quality products. Since 2014, the S16 chair from Galvanitas has been reissued, this in an exclusive collaboration with De Machinekamer.

Revolutionary design  

The Galvanitas S16 chair was designed and produced by Galvanitas in Oosterhout in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They opted for a design with the typical compass legs. Instead of the usual tubular construction, the designer opted for a frame made of pressed sheet steel. A very solid and at the same time revolutionary design for that time. Wim Rietveld, one of the pioneers in the field of industrial design in the Netherlands, described the pieces of furniture as functional: "well-formed, sturdy, usable and inexpensive".

The chair of all times

The S16 from Galvanitas is the school chair of the 60s. You must have sat on it because the chair was in just about every school in the Netherlands. And remember: that was a remarkably good seat. Because of its minimalist design and industrial appearance, the chair is extremely popular nowadays. The Galvanitas S16 is without a doubt a classic and fits perfectly in the current interior trends.

Galvanitas at De Machinekamer

De Machinekamer has a wide range of new and vintage Galvanitas furniture, view the site or visit our showroom in Zaandam. The reissue of the Galvanitas S16 is exclusively available at De Machinekamer.


for more information about the Galvanitas-S16, visit