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Finishes wooden tables

Finishes of wooden tables

When choosing a new wooden table, you have a lot to choose. Are you about which model, type of wood and size it will be? Then you have the finish of the wood where you can make a choice. With the overview below, we help you choose between the different wood finishes that are possible with our Sav & Okse tables.


Matt lacquered or oiled table

With a wooden table you can choose between a matt lacquered, oiled or whitewash finish. The whitewash finish has the same properties as an oiled table. In the overview below, we have listed the differences between a matt lacquered versus the oiled or whitewash finish.

Matt lacquered Oiled / Whitewash
Smooth table top

natural table top

Lacquer is on the table top

Oil soaks into the table top

Can withstand moisture better than an oiled table. Easy to take off

Moisture can get into the table. Not suitable for leaving wet things on

A table with little maintenance

Easy to maintain yourself, by lightly sanding and oiling

Less scratch-resistant than an oiled table

Maintenance advice: oil once or twice a year

Scratches in the top are less easy to fix yourself



Maintenance kits for wooden tables

Maintenance kits for oiled tables are for sale at De Machinekamer. They are available in-store and online. Maintenance kit for oiled tables and Maintenance kit for whitewash tables

Read the maintenance manual for oiled tables here.


Fenix table top

With some models of tables it is possible to have a Fenix top layer applied to the table top. This is standard possible with the Rikke and Tomrer table. The Fenix top layer is available in different colors. In addition to a color on your table, you give your table extra properties with a Fenix top layer. Below the characteristics of Fenix blades at a glance.

Features Fenix table top

  • Anti-bacterial / hygienic: easy to wipe off
  • You don't see fingerprints on the table
  • Soft surface: soft touch
  • Extremely matte look
  • Not static
  • Self-healing ability: Small scratches are easy to polish off with a miracle sponge


Maintenance Fenix

Read the Fenix maintenance and cleaning instructions here.