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S19 Black / Oak
S19 Black / Oak
S19 Black / Oak
S19 Black / Oak
S19 Black / Oak

Technical documents

• S19 Chair Dimensions (PDF)
• S19 Floor Glides Assembly Manual (PDF)

Optimal seating comfort

The Galvanitas S19 chair is very similar to the S16. Both had their origins in the classroom in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Where the S16 still has a separate seating and backrest, with the S19 this has been replaced by a completely wooden tub. Because the tub of the S19 consists of one whole, it moves with you when you sit on it. This makes the seating comfort even better. Do you find the S16 just a little too static? Then the S19 is definitely for you


A special design chair

As with the S16, the typical compass legs on the S19 are made of pressed sheet steel were chosen for the design and production of the S19 in the early 1950s and late 1960s. The Galvanitas S19 is just as solid and user-friendly as the S16. Originally the tub of the S19 was made of PAG wood, nowadays the chair is embellished with an elegant walnut or oak tub


A chair with a natural look

the S19 chair has a natural look and fits perfectly into a contemporary interior because the tub of the S19 is made of walnut or oak wood. The S19 was originally intended for intensive use in public buildings such as schools, institutions and canteens and is still very suitable for this.


A twist on the S19 from the past

Galvanitas is (still) known for its quality and reliability. De Machinekamer offers you, in collaboration with Galvanitas, the unique opportunity to order brand new S19 seats. All newly manufactured parts are completely identical to the original design. The only concession; the frame is now welded instead of soldered. This benefits the environment. The frame is available in 8 different powder-coating colours. For the seat and the backrest, you can choose from black, white or four different colours of transparent shades. This way you give your own twist to this famous classic.

Product information

Usage: Chair, Dining Table Chair, Restaurant Chair, Anteen Chair, School Chair
Materials: Frame nade of folded sheet steel. The shell is made of veneered wood.
Warranty: 2 years
Construction: Welded frame. Seat is mounted with a classic bolt connection.
Delivery: Fully assembled.
Dimensions: Height: 80cm, Width: 39cm, Depth: 41cm, Seat Height: 45cm, Seat Depth: 41cm 

De Machinekamer business market 

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